Mr. Mavhuna joined the organisation as the Executive Officer Finance  in 2017 after years in the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing
He is a holder of a Bachelor of .Accounting (BUSE 2010)
He is a member of Institute of certified Public Accountants of Zimbabwe


In the spirit of excellence, integrity and dedication, the finance department is committed to provide adequate service and support to other council departments, citizens and the community at large timely, accurately and completely.


To lead by example while encouraging growth and advancement of the organization by providing direction through experience and desires to be acknowledged as the hub centre of Bikita Rural District council.


  1. To optimize Bikita Rural District Council’s operational efficiency and effectiveness by minimizing costs and maximizing revenue as well as rationalizing operations of the council to be within budget.
  2. To ensure that all obligations are settled in time.
  3. Complementing other council departments in achieving overall goals and objectives



The finance department’s strategic objectives are as follows:

  1. To raise funds for all council undertakings and assist in implementing various developmental projects in order to support development with effective financing and sustaining financing with effective development
  2. To strive for rich financial resources, high financial efficiency and responsive financial measures and emphasize on the conversion of financial controls into financial services.
  3. To reshape operational structure through introduction of business management concepts and various initiatives to increase overall flexibility and efficiency in response to challenges
  4. To maintain a service oriented perspective that views the general public as clients and provide them with effective quality services
  5. To improve debt management and overall financial efficiency of Bikita Rural District Council.
  6. To increase council income through effective use of council property and resources through active restoration of idle and underutilized resources and properties.
  7. To improve Bikita Rural district Council’s compliance and adherence to statutory obligations and policies and ensure that all obligations are paid up on time.