Engineering Department



Message from District Engineer

 The engineering services department  has taken upon itself  the obligation to recreate into life the dreams of the people of  Bikita.The ideas we receive from the public form the hub of our work as we aim to bring them to life to better the infrastructure of Bikita.

“Some say the cup is half empty , while others say it is half full .However , in my opinion both are wrong .The real problem is the cup is too big .Sometimes all we need is a new perspective on an old problem”. –Foundation of Design



Our mission is to provide world class engineering solutions to the People of Bikita

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Engineering Unit is to provide infrastructure to residents, businesses and building services to Council management, to enable residents and businesses in Bikita District to engage in their social and economic activities and enable Council management to deliver outputs that satisfy customer needs resulting in satisfied social and economic needs



A socially and economically advanced district with world standard infrastructure


Overall Functions of The department

  • to design, develop, improve and maintain a safe and efficient road network so as to satisfy both the individual and business needs of the district;
  • the provision and maintenance of safe water infrastructure;
  • the provision of an integrated and sustainable architectural service;
  • Construction and maintenance of Council buildings and premises e.g schools, clinics, hospitals, offices, halls, stadia, residential houses, flats, markets, etc.


  • To upgrade road network in Bikita
  • To achieve 100% water coverage in the district
  • Improve service delivery through infrastructural upgrades in schools, clinics and council premises
  • To achieve town status through world class infrastructural development and engineering standards


Strategic Objectives

  • Reconstruction of damaged Bridges to restore communication networks;
  • Upgrading the drainage system in major growth points and residential areas;
  • Road surfacing of Nyika and Duma residential area;
  • Borehole drilling and maintenance of exiting water infrastructure;
  • Construction of standard health centres in each ward;
  • And also construction of standard education facilities to meet the population needs in the district.