Chief Executive Officer

CEO Mr P Chibhi

CEO Mr P Chibhi

CHIBI PETER                     

Mr. P. Chibhi Joined the Organisation as the Executive Officer Finance in 2007 after serving as an Accountant with the Ministry Of Education as well as in the Private sector
He was appointed as the substantive Chief Executive Officer in 2016
He possesses a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting Honours(NUST)
He is currently studying a Masters Degree in Strategic Management (GZU)

Statement from the Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, I wish to register my appreciation of the current Councillors and staff. We must keep on the good work and deliver our mandate of service delivery to the community of Bikita. Bikita Rural District Council must remain the best Rural District Council in all spheres of local governance. We welcome investors and ideas from the colleagues in the local authority fraternity; we continue to uphold the directions given by the parent ministry of local Government, Public Works and National Housing.