Audit Department

Mr P Madara Internal Auditor

Mr P Madara Internal Auditor

As Council internal audit we are charged with monitoring organizational risks and ensuring that the internal controls in place are adequate to mitigate those risks. We provide the audit committee and management with information about whether risks have been identified and how well they are being managed.

“We call upon for support from Council Management to foster sound Local Governance through continuous audits that add value to Bikita Rural District Council”


To provide a systematic and disciplined approach in evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management,   control   , governance process and advisory to   Council ‘s  needs and aspirations.


To  become    the pillar   of the Council in the provision of comprehensive consulting   in management of resources, goal achievement and advisory services by   2018.


1-Perform   audits  and provide other services to help the Council achieve effectiveness and efficiency with integrity.

2-Promote compliance   with laws, regulations, policies, procedures, rules and agreements through reviews and analysis of Council services and activities.


The strategic objectives   of audit department are to increase the value   added  , through internal audits to the organization structures, systems and processes and improve operations  effectiveness and efficiency by :

3.1 Aligning the audit plans   and other oversight activities with Council Strategic objectives and plans.

3.2 Providing adequate audit coverage of Council Strategic business initiatives and high risk areas arising from the risk assessment   exercise   with the very high risk area being audited twice every   year.

3.3 Improving the quality of audit reports by increasing the use of available information technology tools to   gather , analysis and present factual data to further enhance the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of audit reports.

3.4 Making cost efficient SMART recommendations that will add value.

3.5 Cooperating closely with all oversight bodies i.e  Auditor  General  and  Ministry  of Local Government , Public Works and National Housing with a view to providing effective audit coverage and reducing any overlaps.

3.6 Communicating effectively with Senior Management

3.7 Promoting continuous professional career development of internal audit   staff  by obtaining at least  forty (40) hours of continuing education related to statement of responsibility .